Back in days when the earth was cooling, I became a Bar Mitzvah. It was a pretty nerve racking experience, so I understand what your kids are going through. I bring 20 years as a professional photographer, as well as a sense of humor when I photograph your event.

I have recently changed the way that I price my Mitzvah photography. Although I use the same equipment, skills, and professionalism, as I do when photographing a wedding… it isn’t a wedding, so I charge accordingly. I don’t limit the time that I put into the day of the Mitzvah. If you service is in the morning and the reception is in the evening. No problem.

My background:
After attending Brooks Institute Of Photography, I launched into the world of freelance photography, specializing in photojournalism. I have worked over the years domestically and internationally with newspapers, magazines and non-profits. Although I occasionally travel abroad, I now spend most of my time at home focusing on photographic projects.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my images or photographic services.